About us.

A Vision

Who we are

Senimankecil.com is an independent creative platform for children.

What we do

  • Organize children's creative projects.

  • Develop a child's talents and interests.

  • Exhibit, and celebrate children's creative ideas and work.

What we believe

Creating art expands a child's ability.

Why we do it

Every child deserves a chance.

A list of programs

Children activities

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Senimankecil.com is a personal initiative.Not an NGO.Or commercial business.

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The Founder




38A Jalan Walter Granier
Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur


We understand and take seriously our responsibility of respecting the rights and privacy of Young Children.

100% of the contribution will use to continue:

  • Organize children's creative projects.

  • Developing child's talents and interests.

  • Exhibit children's creative work and ideas.

  • Digital platform developments.

  • Placement of international volunteers.

  • Sustainability of physical platform.

Behind the camera

My name is AdiFounded and manages Senimankecil.com creative platform for children since 2007.Here some basic information about Senimankecil.com

90% of our activities are behind the camera, with the responsibility of respecting privacy and protecting children’s rights.


Senimankecil.com is a personal initiative, not an NGO or commercial business.

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