A little about Seniman Kecil.

Who we are

Seniman Kecil is an independent creative platform for children.

What we do

We have built a digital and physical platform for kids, a place where children are free to explore and create.

What we believe

Creating art develops children's abilities.

Why we do it

Every child deserves a chance.

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Adi is an award-winning artist of the Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustration (2002) in Tokyo Japan organised by Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO. Chief comics artist of the popular "Anak-Anak Sidek", creator of the animated TV series "Edy & Cici", and founder of the Seniman Kecil independent creative platform for children.




Jojo is an artist and creative entrepreneur. The son of legendary Malaysian children's book writer and illustrator Mohd Yusof Ismail, better known as Yusof Gajah.

International coalition.



My name is Shmoo. “Sh-Mooooo”. I’m an American musician and English tutor. In America I played Jazz and Blues music across the Midwest and am now I am a full time English and Music tutor online and in different communities across the world. A world without play is a world without smiles.I received my Music degree from the University of Kansas where I learned how to practice. This is where I discovered the best way to learn is by doing, and the best way to do is by having fun. I am a world traveler, playing music and teaching children and adults where ever I go, as well as learning from my surroundings. In my travels I have worked for several companies and community programs who’s goals are to better the lives of those who are least fortunate.For me, working with Seniman Kecil means to utilize my training in practice through playing. With every child that walks through the door, my job is to make sure to give them an environment where they feel free to play and be themselves. By doing that, I know that I help them learn to be who they really are and learn what they really love.



My name is Esra. I’m an English tutor from Turkey. In Turkey I was the head teacher of a private English school and now I teach privately online and in different communities across the world with an emphasis on fun and play.I received my Education degree from the English Teaching department of the Anadolu University in Turkey. Pedagogy was a main focus of ours and we learned how to teach children at a young age to become full, autonomous learners who could discover their own interests and talents. Besides Turkey I have been teaching in kindergartens and nurseries in several countries including Spain, Poland, the United States, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. By teaching in such diverse areas it has raised in me a great intercultural perspective in my teaching which I utilize in every new situation I am in.Every child deserves to discover their own creativity and talents, and every child deserves an outlet to let those things flourish. With Seniman Kecil I am able to bring forward all of my education and experiences to create a free space centered around every child so that we could play and grow together. It is my greatest pride to witness children create and form a sense of accomplishment when they take home their creations that they themselves designed.

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Senimankecil.com is a personal initiative.Not an NGO.Or commercial business.

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We understand and take seriously our responsibility of respecting the rights and privacy of Young Children.

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